Monday, January 26, 2009

The Endo Blog Welcomes a New Contributing Author - Dr. Robert Salehrabi

I would like introduce and welcome a new contributing author to The Endo Blog, Dr. Robert Salehrabi of Advanced Microscopic Endodontics (Aurora, CO). For quite some time I have considered the idea of adding additional authors to help provide more frequent postings, give additional clinical expertise and perspective and share the workload associated with the blog.

Dr. Salehrabi started his education at University of Massachusetts. He earned his DDS with a minor in Oral Medicine from State University of New York (Buffalo). His endodontic specialty training was completed at University of Southern California.

While a full time member of the USC endodontic faculty, Dr. Salehrabi became well known for his research. His work entitled "Endodontic Treatment Outcomes in a Large Patient Population in the USA: an epidemiological study." (JOE 2004 Dec:30(12):846-50) has been recognized as one of the most important endodontic research articles published in 2004. In a groundbreaking study to evaluate the long term treatment outcomes of non-surgical endodontic treatment, over 1.4 million root canal treatments done by specialists and generalists alike were evaluated. This study provides the clinician with useful tools for clinical decision making and assessment of tooth prognosis.

Dr. Salehrabi has presented endodontic lectures internationally as well as seminars throughout the United States.

While currently in private practice in Aurora, Colorado, Dr. Salehrabi maintains his teaching position as an associate clinical professor in the Department of Advanced Endodontics at USC.

Welcome Dr. Salehrabi!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Root Canals Save Your Natural Teeth

Occasionally I will use the images posted on the endo blog to aid in communication with patients. Whether trying to explain the healing of an abscess or show the patient how their tooth is cracked or fractured, a picture is worth a thousand words. Access to the internet in the operatory allows the endo blog to serve as a useful educational tool with patients. These images designed for patient education are written in lay terms will be labeled "patient education". Feel free to use them in your discussions with your patients. (click on the image for a larger, high resolution image)