Thursday, November 12, 2009

Retreatment & MTA Save a Perforated Tooth

The following case was submitted by Dr. Rico D. Short of Smyrna, GA.

Original endodontic treatment was done 15 years ago. The crowns on 8 & 9 were replaced 2 years earlier at which time the dentist placed post for retention. During post preparation, the root was perforated. A large lesion has developed.

DX: Prior RCT w/ Chronic Apical Abscess w/ root perforation. Pt was informed the prognosis was questionable due to the perforation. Pt understood and consented for treatment including perforation repair.

Retreatment on #8 completed with MTA root repair.

8 month recall

22 month recall finds patient asymptomatic and functioning with no mobility and normal probing depths.

While many clinicians would have deemed this tooth "hopeless" and recommended extraction, MTA, microscopes and a expert clinician can save teeth that otherwise would be extracted.