Monday, June 18, 2007

Don't pull that tooth yet!

This patient came into our office complaining of pain on tooth #3. She reported that she had the RCT done within the last year, but it had never felt better. I'm sure that if she had walked into see an implant dentist, he would have pulled this tooth out faster than you can say "nobel biocare"! Fact of the matter, if we don't offer endodontic microsurgery in a case like this, we are doing our patients a real disservice.

After reviewing the apicoectomy and retrofill procedure, the patient wanted to try and save the tooth with an endodontic surgery. We resected the root, removed the extruded gutta percha, and placed an MTA retrofill.

At the 3 month re-evaluation, complete apical healing of the osteotomy site is evident. The tooth is fully functional and asymptomatic.

For more case examples of endodontic surgery, including video of an apicoectomy - click here

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