Monday, July 2, 2007

Dental Pulp Tissue

This is neat image of a vital dental pulp. The tooth was diagnosed with irreversible pulpitis, acute apical periodontitis and cracked tooth syndrome. RCT was completed prior to crowning the tooth. Once in a while, the pulp will come out in one piece. This actually shows the tissue from the pulp chamber all the way down to the apical portion.


Anonymous said...

Now that's cool - I have never seen that in all my years in dental offices. What a great photo!

Anonymous said...

Gross!!! I guess that's why I'm in the front office!

Anonymous said...

What a great photo, I had no idea...but I guess that is why I am a student.

Nora Jeanne Hirsu said...

The pic is cool..... First time seeing it.

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Anonymous said...

Very cool picture, thats awesome that it all came out in one piece. We dont have cool procedures like that where I work.