Monday, August 20, 2007

Retreatment Success

This patient came in 18 months ago. Tooth #30 was diagnosed with Prior RCT & Phoenix Abscess. Retreatment was recommended. As you can see, there is an apical radiolucency on the mesial roots, which appear to be filled short of the apex.

An amalgam was placed into the canal orifaces for retention of the core build-up. During the treatment, some amalgam shavings were pushed apically. However, I was pleased that we were able to open the canals better and get to the apex.

This patient returned today for a 18 month recall. The lesion has healed. The tooth is asymptomatic, fully functional & with normal periodontal probings. Endodontic retreatment is a valuable (and economical) treatment option that has helped this patient retain this tooth and the bridge.

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