Thursday, September 13, 2007

Separated File Removed

Look closely and you can see a separated file in the mesial root.

The contrast feature makes the separated instrument a little more obvious.

For more information about removing a separated instrument, click here.

For information about PREVENTING a separated instrument, click here.


Anonymous said...

those videos intrigue the heck out of me!

Lefty said...

Just had this procedure done today to #29. Took longer than expected, but apparently my canals converged at 23mm and then the root turned abruptly right after--that caused the separation.

The instrument became visible after irrigating one canal--it was pushed over into the other. I appreciated my endodontist's explanations of what he planned to do, what he was doing, and his post-procedure explanations. I am chewing on the other side of my mouth for now, and the pain is nothing that 2 Advils can't fix. In two weeks, a crown.