Friday, February 1, 2008

Rotary & Warm Vertical Obturation

This video clip shows my non-surgical RCT technique on an extracted bicuspid.

Specific instruments I like to use:
1. Endo Z bur (long shank, non-end cutting bur to create direct line access)
2. Hand files #10 & #15 to open canals and create a path
3. Gates Glidden drills #2, #3, #4 to open the coronal third of the canal system (inexpensive, easy to remove if separation occurs)
4. #15 hand file for length determination (using Root ZX or radiographs)
5. .06 tapered, ISO sized NiTi Rotary files
6. .06 tapered gutta percha, gauged to ISO size at tip using a gutta gauge
7. System B heat carrier
8. Obtura for gutta percha backfill


Anonymous said...

Cool video. I had no idea this was even possible. We had our first endo practical today. Accessed two teeth, obturated and condensed one of them. Simple enough considering it was done table top (embedded in stone with duralay) and I was working on an upper central. Nice post.

Kim said...

I just had a root canal today. Thanks for this demo. It's neat to see what my endodontist was doing. :)

sisyphussa said...

Thanks for wonderful blog. It's very professinal and informative. Unfortunately i miised out this video. Is there any way that it can be retrieved.