Thursday, November 17, 2011

This, Not That.

Short one today.

This is what a maxillary second molar root canal treatment should look like:

Rethink what you are doing if your cases look like this:


Michael Loftis, DDS said...

Amen, brother. I am an endodontist that uses a CBCT, and microscope. I am certainly not perfect, but I truly do the very best I can on every single case. It is our responsibilty to our patients and our profession. I tx an MB2 on almost all upper molars as i am sure you do as well. If i do not find the MB2 i feel like I have failed. It bugs me when others think it is acceptable to miss canals on upper molars but not with other teeth. A missed canal is a missed canal. I thank you for taking the time on your cases that are needed. The reputation of root canal teatment depends on the results patients have. It pleases me to see results like yours. If patients continue to have poor results due to poor tx the reputation of root canal tx will suffer. Thank you for helping the profession I have worked so hard to be apart of.

God Bless You,

Michael Loftis

Anonymous said...

Hi, I've stared at the radiographs and I'm still not 100% sure about what is wrong with the 2nd radiograph. Is it the apical radiolucencies? Or is it the lack of good seal coronally?

Also, I hope this question is not too silly. How come the RCs done by you have got a layer of radiolucent material before the definitive restoration? what material is that? Is it Duralon???

Thanks Dr!

Dental Implants Glenda said...

The x-rays the root canal therapy you have shared here with us is good. I think you have done a great work. Root canal treatment is done to save the teeth from being extracted. Although it is a long and quite painful procedure it is good to go for this process in order to save the teeth.

Anonymous said...

Hey Anonymous...notice the MB2 in the re-treat?

sonicflex said...

Thank you for sharing, great work!