Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Root Canals Heal Dental Abscesses

This small video shows three necrotic teeth with apical abscesses that are all completely healed within 1-2 years. This video clip can be used to help your patients understand how endodontic therapy can save their natural teeth. It is posted on our YouTube channel. Feel free to use it for your patient education.



jagdish said...

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Anonymous said...

I didn't have an abscess, but last week I was diagnosed with apical periodontitis and necrotic pulp in a molar that had been crowned earlier in the year to replace a large failed 40 year old filling. I had accompanying jaw swelling. I was put on antibiotics and referred to an endodontist, my first trip ever to see one. I had heard and read disturbing information about root canals so I was a bit fearful. To my pleasant surprise aside from the stab of the initial novocaine shot I had zero, and I mean zero, pain of any sort during the procedure and almost none since. I have taken only 2 200mg ibuprofens since the procedure, probably didn't even need them and I think I may have no need for any more. The affected tooth is only the slightest bit tender. Prior to the procedure the gum was bright red, tender, and abraded-feeling, and now it feels normal and is dark pink instead of red. My jaw hinge is slightly ache-y from having my mouth fully open. I realize that some people do have trouble during or after their root canals, and I realize it's too early to judge the outcome of mine, but right now I'm nothing short of surprised by my experience. If I continue to be problem-free I will conclude that root canals can be a wonderful and virtually painless procedure which resolves problems, saves teeth, and prevents bigger problems. I'll stop short of stating that I'm looking forward to my next one though. :)

Unknown said...

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