Monday, January 27, 2014

Root Amputation to Remove a Fractured Root and Retain A Tooth

Root amputation may allow a patient to save a tooth and the investment that has been made in the restorative work on a tooth.  The cost of root amputation is small in comparison to the cost of tooth replacement with an implant or bridge.  There may be certain situations where root amputation is the ideal treatment for your patient.

The following case was treated at Superstition Springs Endodontics.

Retreatment of #3 was previously attempted.

Surgical access to #3 discovered a fractured MB.  Options were discussed and MB root amputation was chosen and performed.  All remaining occlusal forces are directed over the remaining roots (P and DB).

1.5 Yr recall finds the patient asymptomatic and fully functional.  Bony support around the aputated root looks good.

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