Thursday, February 13, 2014

Resolution of Odontogenic Sinusitis after RCT Retreatment

The use of CBCT in endodontics is helpful in the diagnosis and treatment of sinusitis of odontogenic origin.  The following case demonstrates how proper endodontic treatment will resolve an asymptomatic sinusitis of odontogenic origin.

Pt reports swelling, throbbing, percussion pain but reports no sinus symptoms of congestion, drainage, restricted airflow through the nose or sinus headaches.

CBCT take for further evaluation of prior RCT.  CBCT shows missed MB#2, thickened sinus membrane, large pa lesion on MB with elevated sinus floor (halo effect). DX: Prior RCT with acute apical abscess & odontogenis sinusitis.
Missed MB#2 canal seen in axial view.

Slight halo effect
RCT Retx completed.
7 Month Recall

7 month recall.  Pt is asymptomatic. CBCT shows resolution of the previously thickened sinus membrane, healing of periapical lesion, previous elevation of the sinus floor has resolved.  All signs and symptoms have resolved.



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A very good post that throws light on the dangers of 'Odontogenic Sinusitis' and how a proper diagnosis and treatment can help a person come out of the situation.

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