Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Is Your Endodontist A Partner in Patient Care?

What does it mean to be partners? On a recent episode of the The Profit, starring Marcus Lamonis, he was coaching two business partners on what it means to be partners.  Simply put, "partners need to help each other".  Partners recognize the strengths in each other and value those strengths.  Leaders in business have one goal in mind and that is to make the business successful and add value any way you can.

Is your endodontist a partner in your patient care? What kind of help does your endodontist provide to your practice?  At Superstition Springs Endodontics, our goal as your partner in your patient care is to make your patient's dental/endodontic treatment successful and add value to our relationship any way possible. This includes:

  • Providing the highest quality endodontic treatment
  • Seeing your patients when they need to be seen
  • Being available for consultation and emergency treatment
  • Assisting in treatment planning - especially determining restorability (diagnostic excavation) and evaluation of cracks/fractures - procedures which are often poorly reimbursed
  • Supporting your treatment plan and helping in patient education
  • Providing additional restorative work as requested (posts, cores, access fillings, minor crown lengthening)
  • Effective communication regarding patient care
  • Standing behind the work that we do
  • Providing high quality continuing education to help your practice
  • Searching for unique ways to build your practice (referrals, online reviews, marketing ideas, networking)
If this is the only time you find yourself needing to refer to
an endodontist, you are probably not working together
as true "partners in patient care".

As endodontists, the most fulfilling professional relationships we have with general dentists are those where we feel like partners in the treatment of your patients. These partners recognize our special skill set, specialized armamentarium and how that will benefit their patients saving them time, money and a providing a great experience.  These partners are comfortable enough to call or text us anytime with questions, concerns or feedback.  They are good at case assessment and rarely need to be "bailed out" of difficult cases.

In upcoming blog posts, we'll show some cases that demonstrate how we at Superstition Springs Endodontics work together with general dentists as partners in patient care.

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