Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Finding the canal in a Md Incisor

This tooth was referred to my office today after the RCT had been started. I appreciate a dentist who is not afraid to stop during a procedure and refer if needed. Here's a tip to help you find these canals.

Look lingually. The natural access into a Md incisor always goes toward the buccal. If you cannot find the canal (or the second canal in 20-40% of these teeth), look lingually.

I used an ultrasonic tip under the microscope to cut from the current access back towards the lingual.

That's it. Remember to look lingually.


Anonymous said...

There are actually 2 canals in 40% of mand incisors.

The Endo Blog said...

Thanks for your correction. Benjamin & Dowson foun 2 canals in 41.4% of Md incisors. 1.3% had separate foramina.

Green's earlier study found 2 canals in 20%.

Either way, I was off. Thanks for your correction!

Anonymous said...

did you get a crown done on that tooth?