Monday, January 30, 2012

Internal bleaching makes us smile!

This 13 yr old young lady had some trauma to #8 during a softball game. As you can imagine, the discoloration is of significant concern to the patient.

At the time of the exam, tooth #8 is non-responsive to thermal testing, normal to probing and mildly percussion sensitive. DX: Necrotic w/ SAP. RCT recommended with internal bleaching for esthetic purposes.

RCT completed under microscope assuring that all internal staining is removed from the pulp horns. A coronal barrier is placed in the cervical portion of the tooth. The purpose of this barrier is to prevent bleach from entering the root, passing through dentinal tubules and causing an inflammatory reaction in the pdl. Bleach (Ultradent - Opalescence Endo) is placed in the pulp chamber with a thin, button cavit temporary. Pt is rescheduled for 1 week.

Pt is excited with the new appearance of her tooth.

Final restoration is placed. Endodontists can be a valuable team member in your cosmetic cases!


Boulder Cosmetic Dentist said...

Nice cosmetic result here for this patient. It's a good reminder how multiple dental disciplines can contribute to cosmetic cases.

dentiste holistique said...

Good to know that the patient is excited with the results. It really takes discipline and proper oral care to make our teeth healthy.